Music and Ragas

I have realized that music is something that touches our soul. Whatever be our mood, music can bring us back to a good state of mind. I have that music can cure diseases, but was surprised to see that some of the raagas (tunes) when played right has a huge impact in our physical and mental health.

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Priorities evolve across generations

In my life, I have felt that a woman’s priority in life does not remain the same at all points of time through her life. She juggles between her personal, family, work/education and community. There are multiple battles to be faced and overcome in every aspect of life and in every role she plays. I have seen my grandmother trying to focus on cooking for a family of 15, four meals a day and maintaining meal time and sleep time as a scheduled activity, giving that generation a better grasp on self care and personal health. I have seen my mother step out of the home to work and support my father, managing upward/downward and peer politics, and still ensuring family and personal life was not impacted. She always had time for us.

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Ignorance is bliss

There comes a point in life when we think do we know what we wanted to have time in life to read, learn, understand and practice! When I was transitioning through that phase of life, I realized I knew stuff about work, and folks at work knew me. Pretty much – that summed up my life! For anyone working in a Corporate multinational organization in the IT space, that would mean – life was work and work was life! Everything was always about multitasking and while I started getting good at it and mastered it, Life had its own way to get me back on track! This blog series of mine is to share what I have come to learn, enjoy and appreciate from life!

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