Rangoli – An art of decorating

Rangoli is an art form, prevalent in India, in which patterns are created on the floor or ground using rice flour, flowers/flower petals, colored sand etc. It is usually made during festivals or during December-January timeframe. The bigger and beautiful the artwork, the more the pride and credit to the artists.

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Bioluminescence in Beaches

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. (Fireflies is the first thing that comes to mind :)) There are places on earth that have an abundance of organisms like fish, bacteria, fungi, jellies etc (mostly sea creatures) that are bioluminescent (emit light – similar to glow-in-the-dark). I have always been fascinated by the concept and was amazing to see the different places that have bioluminescent bays across the world!

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Turmeric Milk

There are many benefits of Turmeric and knowing how to have it makes a big difference. When children have a cough or cold, it is usual for a mother to give them Turmeric milk.

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Face can hint your health

It is true that looking at one’s face, we can generally get a hint about their health. Some of the organs and systems in the body are connected to parts of the face!

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Medical Innovation – Visor to detect stroke earlier

Cerebrotech Visor Can Rapidly Detect Severe Stroke with 92% Accuracy. Yes.. you read it right! Technology innovation that can help stroke patients be diagnosed much earlier, making it possible to reduce the severity of the stroke.

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Dhanvantri – Physician of Gods

I have been interested in home remedies from when I learned about Turmeric and its benefits as a child (while in my mother’s kitchen). As I grew, my curiosity to understand whether anyone has collated these remedies and put it together increased. Who shared these? How did anyone come to know of it? Is there anything written down anywhere?

Sharing what I found thus far…

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Pranas and Life activities

We saw the different types of mudras in the previous blog. Now let us look at the how some of the mudras are connected to the basic life activities of human body.

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Eye health in children

In today’s digital world, we are fine with children (even babies) watching our mobile devices frequently. It is an easier distraction to ensure they sit in one place for a longer duration sufficient enough for the caretaker to sometimes even do mundane things like visit the bathroom, get a cup of coffee/tea, prepare the next meal, take a phone call or anything.

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Gayathri Manthra

As mentioned in my previous posts about Mudras and Learning from a Swan, I started reading about different Gods and linkage to animals. Was astonished to see the linkages between Gayathri Manthra, our veins in our human body and swans.

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Learning from a Swan

I was reminded of the Ugly duckling story, who grows up to be a beautiful swan one day! Beyond that, I have not thought about swans and they did not capture my interest in any specific way!

Recently, I was listening to someone speaking on a youtube video and made a reference to a swan.

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Learning from Mudras – Part 1 of 3

One of the areas that interested me when I started learning about acupressure points on the palm (refer Health in your hands blog) was how holding your fingers and palms in certain positions have health benefits. These specific positions were called as Mudras. I tried to read about them and try it out in my circles and found it to be working when practiced regularly.

Sharing what I have read and understood thus far…

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How my mother made me eat vegetables

As I was growing up, I did not like to eat vegetables. Every parent has a way to make their children eat vegetables. My mother’s way was unique. She loved to read, and she never got the chance to read after she had kids (we basically kept her super busy.. yes.. guilty of that). I used to admire my parents sit and sip their morning coffee fighting for pages of the newspaper and who gets to read weekend magazines that were delivered.

One of the magazines impressed my mother, as she had found her key to make me read and to make me eat my vegetables. World-wide universities do research on food habits and what is nutritious to eat from across the world and why.

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Does the Master appear when the student is ready?

The famous quote when stated in Kung-fu panda movie, made me think.. does the Master really appear when the student is ready? Has it ever happened to me before? If yes, when and how many times..? Set my mind to think. I started counting the number of activities I tried to learn and from where and whom I received the guidance and support. It was interesting.

Sharing what I realized thus far…

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Understanding Micro and Macro from Puranas

“You will find your answers to any of your questions in the Puranas” used to be something I was used to listening while growing up. When I recently went to a planetorium and saw the expanse of the universe, it made me think about the microcosm as well. While it triggered multiple thoughts in me, I started looking at each of them one by one.

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Rooftop gardens

While researching about what can be done to revive bee population, came across very many cities and city-builders, architects considering the option of building rooftop gardens across bigger cities. Cities being now called as Big cities, will become global cities attracting twice to ten times the population from suburbs in the next ten years (Courtesy: Internation Management session at Wharton)

Pictures are google-searchable and I do not own them. However, they seem to be portraying a story.

Barcelona rooftop garden
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Learning from Bees

Bees are a critical part of our eco system. Bees are pollinators that are vital to our food chain. Close to 1/3rd of our food will not be available without bees. So, does that mean humans will die if bees dont survive? Yes.

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Learning from Eagles

I received this article below few years back from my facebook friends, and something about it impressed me. The painful aspect of transformation from within was explained so beautifully. I am a firm believer of “One cannot change unless the desire comes from within”. It made me think if this kind of change and tranformation is actually possible.

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Keeping your back straight is the key

We all know about how human evolution happened. Looking at these pictures makes us think how our spinal cords have straightened during evolution.

Human evolution stages. Evolutionary process and gradual development visualization from monkey or primate to businessman dressed in suit carrying briefcase. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration

Look at the way the neck is bending to look at our handheld devices.

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Our Health is in Our Hands

Literally! Our palms and feet have nerve endings that run through all our body systems and organs. When we find the right points and massage them, we will be able to relieve the pain and improve the health of the respective organs. Interesting concept, I might not have believed it and would have laughed it off if I had not personally used it. My father in law got me the “Health in your Hands” book by Dr. Devendra Vora. That book changed my life!

The concept of pressure points in our body and systemically improving our health works perfectly when we use it right! Sharing some of the things I have got to learn thus far…

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Sri Durga Saptashloki

Durga Saptashloki (7 set of 2-line verses describing Goddess Durga) has been something that my mother has always asked us to read / listen.

To gain powers of Durga Maa, devotees recite this regularly with devotion. It helps win battles & gives victories in all work.

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Hydrogen water – What is it?

While studying Chemistry in school, we learn about water molecules and that water is made of 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen.

H2 + O = H2O

We all know water is very beneficial to health. Drinking water is known to be a good therapy for many health conditions. Hydrogen is available in plenty in the atmosphere. However, when it combines with Oxygen, their combined properties make water possible. Water is also known as the source of life on earth.

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Sand – Look closely

Lovely sandy beaches… some of us have had the privilege to grow up near one! This is what we would have seen…

This is what we look at…
… and then we see this….
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Music and Ragas – Part 2

Continuing the post on music and ragas that help cure some of our health issues.

4. Raga Bhairavi – Reducing anxiety, pressures, skin diseases and allergies

5. Raga Charukesi – Rejuvenates the mind helping one to age gracefuly. It enlivens the singer and the listener

6. RagaHamsadhwani – It helps streamline the thought process and reduces panacea. It is also known as Sarvarogaharini (one that can relieve us from all diseases)

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Croquembouche – French & Indian versions

Have you ever tried a choux pastry.. in simple terms cream puff (thats the best way to describe it!). The outer layer is a puffed baked shell and hollow inside. One can fill it with cream cheese, whipped cream, chocolate, jelly, dessert mixture, mixed fruits and nuts soaked in caramelized sugar, ice cream, and even savory fillings.. you get the gist. Basically, anything that can stay in a semi-solid/gel type consistency or that can be frozen to retain its consistency.

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Reducing carbon footprint on Earth

One of the articles on World Economic forum on the reducing the carbon footprint triggered a thought.


There are organizations who are thinking about reducing our carbon footprint on earth. As an individual, what can I do to help?

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Japa malas

I have heard my family recite God’s name in multiples of 108 using a beaded necklace (rosary). The beads can be made of Rudraksha, stone, wood. The japamala is activated by the Guru who during Diksha recommends the pupil to do the japa (recital) during a specific time of the day. What to recite, propitiating which God, what time, how many times per day, how many days etc varies based on the underlying purpose for which the pupil will be reciting.

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Garland making

When I visit temples, I notice the beauty with which the garlands are made for Gods! My father-in-law was the first one to notice the way a rose garland was made and commented on it.. after that I am not able to miss the detail when I look at garlands. I committed myself to learn the technique. Sharing what I have learned thus far..

  1. Rose petal garland
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Mysore pak story

I saw a documentary on Netflix about foods from different places and how Kings in old days used to select their chefs and master chefs to cook a variety of food for them!

The foodie in me got interested! It seems the cooks or chefs who start off are asked to cut vegetables (of course.. thats the tough part anyday), then they progress to make entrees using the given process, then they progress next to cook appetizers, the well progressed ones are then allowed to step into dessert zone 🙂 Sweet making (delicacies) were the most difficult to make and the quality of delicacy determines the quality of the chef!

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Lovely concept for those who garden, even great when we can share what and how we do with our neighbors and friends and do it as a community. What started in Geneva is continuing to inspire many across the world 🙂

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With the number of global cities increasing in the next decade, we would be seeing an increase in skyscrapers that would adorn our horizon. What will the next decade bring to us as innovations around buildings and architecture would be interesting to see. I had a chance to visit the Liberty museum of science in New Jersey where they had a showcase segment on skyscrapers. It was very interesting to see how the experts are looking at the next generation of skyscrapers and how their ideas of humans living in the sky can become a reality soon.

The learning from the World Trade Center, architecture from the tallest buildings addressing heating/cooling needs, Go Green initiatives, solar panels, renewable energy sources etc.

The tallest building with solar panels is in Manchester, Europe

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New beginning in 2020

A New Year or birthday or any event that we hold close, is an oppotunity that we take to embark on explicitly change or improve ourselves. Sometimes it is our work, sometimes it is the time we spend with family, sometimes our career growth and other times it might be the time we get to spend on what really matters to us. 

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