How are people reacting and responding to the crisis?

Everyone has a different way to respond to a crisis. Understanding each others’s responses and reactions helps us come together as a community during the crisis. Sharing what I have seen, learned and understood about people’s reactions over the past few weeks!

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Blood pressure control – Home remedies

Keeping our blood pressure under control is tough for many, especially given these testing times. Sharing some home remedies that I learned while growing up and that have worked over generations!

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Rasam recipe and its health benefits

South India’s age old tradition of eating rasam at the end of the meal helps in digestion and clears lungs and intestines. Sharing my recipe that I got to learn while growing up and those who have tasted it loved it and have asked for refills to be taken back to their places 🙂

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People change people

During a dining table conversation, the topic comes up about who would be there when we need help? I was reminded of a story that I heard while growing up. Sharing what I learned and how I got to adopt it in life!

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Support the medical professionals around you

Medical professionals need our help! We are running low on face masks for them.. let us get together and make face masks and send it to support our medical professionals in our local hospitals! When Forbes raised this awareness, called a few hospitals around to check if there was an immediate need and Yes.. we can help! Have collated all the articles about it in this page..!

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Apartment communities prepare themselves for the crisis in Chennai, India

With the current stay at home and work from home increasing across the world, reached out to some of the apartment communities in India. Spoke to the community managers and was impressed by their leadership, speed of thoughts, ideas and implementation. Felt like sharing what I learned!

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Pound cake

Butter pound cake as it is more widely known is a perfect recipe. It is like vanilla ice cream. You can show your creativity and make different dishes from it. Lemon Pound Cake, Orange Pound cake, Pound cake with whipped cream and strawberries.. the list goes on… sharing the basic recipe that has worked for me..!

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Mini apple pies

Now that everyone is home, we tend to feel hungry more often and end up cooking multiple times a day 🙂 So, thought I will share easy to make recipes.. one per day! Baking as a family is LOTS of fun, and comes with a BIG Bonus “Messy Kitchen” 🙂 Be prepared for the post-cooking clean up time 🙂

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Toothache and swollen gums – Home remedies

To those who have cavities in their teeth, they are used to tooth aches and pains. Swollen gums can be caused due to multiple resasons. Sharing some of the tips that has worked for me over years.

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How does one move-on?

Life is full of ups and downs and when one goes through good times, they are bound to face times that are not so good as well! It is the law of life! So, how does one gulp down a bad day, or sad event or a not-so-good phase and move on? Everyone has different ways to cope and come out. Sharing what I have learned thus far..!

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Excessive handwashing – moisturize

We are used to washing our hands and the current outbreak has created a new level of awareness around it! For some, it causes dermatitis – skin peeling off in the hands, skin rashes. Sharing the tips and precautions that I took when we went through a round of skin rashes due to handwashing last year!

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Data science and analytics courses

With the increase in technology innovations and gadgets collecting data, there is a new field that has emerged over the past few years – Data science! This deals with a structured way of analyzing the data, understanding trends and potentially gaining the ability to predict based on the same.

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Planting & Nourishing calendar for your zone

For those who garden, growing seasonal vegetables and fruits and knowing what to grow when comes naturally! A novice tries to look for supporting information, tools and technology to get there! Sharing what I have learned during my gardening ventures..!

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Role of technology during a crisis

In the past few years, across the world we have faced many crisis situations. Whether it is a flood zone and the cities or state is cutoff, or tsunami effect and aftermath, or earthquakes and taking stock of people who are alive. Think of the many incidents and the number of technologies, and our communication challenges that have been occurred in the past decade or so! There are so many aspects we get to learn from one incident to the other! Sharing some of what I have observed and grown to respect over the years!

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Introspection with some helpful tools

When I talk about personality type with my friends who do not have an exposure to the Corporate world, I used to be amused at their responses 🙂 Do you mean an aggressive type, romantic type, adventurous type etc.

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Exercise & Knee pain

It is nice to have a virtual group of friends, especially good old college friends who keep pushing us to raise our bar, especially when it comes to physical health 🙂 Sharing one of the incidents where we pushed each other to excel and ended up with knee pain and sore muscles! Thankfully, one of our friends had the remedy for it as well..! Sharing what I learned in the process..!

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My Mac and Cheese recipe

To all the friends who loved my mac and cheese and who have been asking me for the recipe.. here it goes 🙂 I got used to making mac and cheese for food donations and community fundraisers, pretty much every other week and seem to have my quantities for 2-3 lbs of mac and cheese. For parties, this would be perfect!

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Learning from middle schoolers

Grades 6,7,8 typically fall under middle school. While volunteering at one of the school events, got a chance to spend a few hours with a small group of middle schoolers. We started chatting and some of their perspectives were eye-openers for me. Sharing some of them!

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Universe or Multiverse

It is interesting to see some concepts easily understood and explained by our ancestors through Puranas. We might not have grasped the concept so easily. However, when children watch these on TV shows and talk about similar concepts, it was tough for me to digest. Sharing some such strange coincidences!

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