Blood pressure control – Home remedies

Keeping our blood pressure under control is tough for many, especially given these testing times. Sharing some home remedies that I learned while growing up and that have worked over generations!

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Exercise & Knee pain

It is nice to have a virtual group of friends, especially good old college friends who keep pushing us to raise our bar, especially when it comes to physical health 🙂 Sharing one of the incidents where we pushed each other to excel and ended up with knee pain and sore muscles! Thankfully, one of our friends had the remedy for it as well..! Sharing what I learned in the process..!

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Nasal blockages and breathing trouble

One of my friends was an asthma patient for a long time and everyone in her household knew what meds to give her and how to treat when she had an attack. One day, she was finding it hard to breathe and within minutes she passed away. Somehow, this incident got etched in my mind and I used to fear nasal blockages & breathing troubles after that.

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Chakras in our human body

In one of my previous posts about Fingers and Chakra connection, thought we will look at human body and chakras in our body in detail. Sharing what I have learned and how it connects to our health and many other aspects in our life.

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Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. A feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. The first day of school, exam time, big stage performance, music competition, or giving a speech, public speaking, attending an interview may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous. However, if they continue to be overwhelming over a period of time, body starts responding differently. How do we identify it and how to treat it naturally. Sharing what I learned in the process…!

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Diabetes and Innovation around it

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose (blood sugar) is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. This is a very standard way to describe diabetes.. interesting to see the technology innovations around it. Sharing what I have learned thus far…!

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While we are studying, working, attending lectures, watching something for long, trying to concentrate or focus on something really hard (like a test or presentation), too stressed out, it is common to get a headache! Sharing some of the common solutions that have helped me so far..!

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Frozen shoulder

There have been times when I have felt like I could not lift my arms and my neck and shoulders felt like they were stiff. So stiff that I needed to get to the emergency room right away! I have felt this a few times in life.. so, sharing how to get yourself off of the discomfort!

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Fingers and Chakra connection

In the previous post about Health in our Hands, I would have discussed about how the different body organs are connected to different parts of the palm and how massaging your palms helps heal some of the distressed organs / small ailments. I was intrigued when my colleague spoke about a technique used by Japanese.

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Turmeric Milk

There are many benefits of Turmeric and knowing how to have it makes a big difference. When children have a cough or cold, it is usual for a mother to give them Turmeric milk.

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Face can hint your health

It is true that looking at one’s face, we can generally get a hint about their health. Some of the organs and systems in the body are connected to parts of the face!

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Dhanvantri – Physician of Gods

I have been interested in home remedies from when I learned about Turmeric and its benefits as a child (while in my mother’s kitchen). As I grew, my curiosity to understand whether anyone has collated these remedies and put it together increased. Who shared these? How did anyone come to know of it? Is there anything written down anywhere?

Sharing what I found thus far…

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Pranas and Life activities

We saw the different types of mudras in the previous blog. Now let us look at the how some of the mudras are connected to the basic life activities of human body.

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Learning from Mudras – Part 1 of 3

One of the areas that interested me when I started learning about acupressure points on the palm (refer Health in your hands blog) was how holding your fingers and palms in certain positions have health benefits. These specific positions were called as Mudras. I tried to read about them and try it out in my circles and found it to be working when practiced regularly.

Sharing what I have read and understood thus far…

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Keeping your back straight is the key

We all know about how human evolution happened. Looking at these pictures makes us think how our spinal cords have straightened during evolution.

Human evolution stages. Evolutionary process and gradual development visualization from monkey or primate to businessman dressed in suit carrying briefcase. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration

Look at the way the neck is bending to look at our handheld devices.

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Our Health is in Our Hands

Literally! Our palms and feet have nerve endings that run through all our body systems and organs. When we find the right points and massage them, we will be able to relieve the pain and improve the health of the respective organs. Interesting concept, I might not have believed it and would have laughed it off if I had not personally used it. My father in law got me the “Health in your Hands” book by Dr. Devendra Vora. That book changed my life!

The concept of pressure points in our body and systemically improving our health works perfectly when we use it right! Sharing some of the things I have got to learn thus far…

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Hydrogen water – What is it?

While studying Chemistry in school, we learn about water molecules and that water is made of 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen.

H2 + O = H2O

We all know water is very beneficial to health. Drinking water is known to be a good therapy for many health conditions. Hydrogen is available in plenty in the atmosphere. However, when it combines with Oxygen, their combined properties make water possible. Water is also known as the source of life on earth.

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Music and Ragas – Part 2

Continuing the post on music and ragas that help cure some of our health issues.

4. Raga Bhairavi – Reducing anxiety, pressures, skin diseases and allergies

5. Raga Charukesi – Rejuvenates the mind helping one to age gracefuly. It enlivens the singer and the listener

6. RagaHamsadhwani – It helps streamline the thought process and reduces panacea. It is also known as Sarvarogaharini (one that can relieve us from all diseases)

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Music and Ragas

I have realized that music is something that touches our soul. Whatever be our mood, music can bring us back to a good state of mind. I have that music can cure diseases, but was surprised to see that some of the raagas (tunes) when played right has a huge impact in our physical and mental health.

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