Pink pineapples are now available

Yes… Pink pineapples seem to be available for purchase online and are available in some grocery stores. How different is it? Is it safe to consume? How does it look?

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Local entrepreneur series #2 – Shankara caterers

A common friend introduced me to Suresh Ganesh, a local entrepreneur. They have been catering Indian snacks and food items in US for long. However, their business seems to have been impacted by COVID. During the pandemic, we can support local small businesses and entrepreneurs in some way we can! Every bit counts!

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Snacks to eat when you are hungry at night

While it is important to have a good daily routine, sometimes due to school or office work, we tend to focus on meeting our deadlines and end up going to bed late. The typical question of what to eat when we are hungry at night comes up! Sharing some nutritious tips to snack at night!

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Quiz 31 – Indian sweets

How many of these Indian sweets / desserts can you recognize? How many have you tried? I have tried making many of them and looking forward to trying all of them this year.

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10 Summer salad recipes

Summer salads are a great combination of fruits, vegetables, cheese, lemon and greens, especially with a squeeze of lemon – making them perfect for this HOT weather! Sharing some of the must-try salads!

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Biriyani varieties

The word brings back so many memories 🙂 Everyone has their own version, their own favorite place and type of biriyani and friends can fight it out to see who makes the tastiest 🙂 As there are many varieties, thought I will pick some of my favorite styles and versions and share!

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My Mac and Cheese recipe

To all the friends who loved my mac and cheese and who have been asking me for the recipe.. here it goes 🙂 I got used to making mac and cheese for food donations and community fundraisers, pretty much every other week and seem to have my quantities for 2-3 lbs of mac and cheese. For parties, this would be perfect!

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Turmeric Milk

There are many benefits of Turmeric and knowing how to have it makes a big difference. When children have a cough or cold, it is usual for a mother to give them Turmeric milk.

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How my mother made me eat vegetables

As I was growing up, I did not like to eat vegetables. Every parent has a way to make their children eat vegetables. My mother’s way was unique. She loved to read, and she never got the chance to read after she had kids (we basically kept her super busy.. yes.. guilty of that). I used to admire my parents sit and sip their morning coffee fighting for pages of the newspaper and who gets to read weekend magazines that were delivered.

One of the magazines impressed my mother, as she had found her key to make me read and to make me eat my vegetables. World-wide universities do research on food habits and what is nutritious to eat from across the world and why.

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