Every experience in life teaches us something. I truly believe that learning from each others experiences helps us grow more holistically. Sharing some of my learnings over the years that have been passed down across generations and those that I have got to learn and realize!


Artists have a unique way of inspiring us in very different ways from around the world. Some have been passed along across generations.

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Yes… something that brings a smile on our faces! Whether we are cooking, eating or hosting… food has a charm to hold its place in our hearts and make us feel better! Sharing foods, recipes that I have come across and love from across the world!

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While growing up in a melting pot of cultures, observing and realizing the beauty of each and every culture leaves us with a pleasant taste and a humbling feeling! Sharing perspectives across cultures around the world!

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Technology & Innovation in multiple fronts across the world inspires many! It feels like a way to bridge the gap between our previous generation and next! Sharing technology innovations, gadgets, devices and innovative ideas from around the world that inspired me!

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Quizzes and online games cheer us up, especially during the pandemic! Sharing quizzes across a variety of topics that can be played by any age group.

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Gardening is the Zen zone for many of us! Quietly and peacefully it brings in a ray of hope and positivity in our lives. Sharing my experiences with gardening and lessons learned from it!

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Be it the pandemic, global warming or the bees population decrease, there are many changes happening globally. Perspectives on what we can do as individuals to trigger a change from our end!

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When our loved ones are unwell, it does not matter whether we use home remedies, alternate therapy or healing to make them feel better. Over years, there have been so many tips passed down across generations and those that I have realized while parenting! Sharing only those that I have personally used over years!

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Focuses on thought leadership on multiple domains. Be it Smart farms, Agro startups, handling crisis or Solar farms, there is a lot to learn from the thought leaders around the world! Sometimes learning can be from elementary school classrooms as well!

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Started a series to promote local entrepreneurs and small businesses during the pandemic! While I was inspired by their creativity, there are a few who might be closing shop due to lack of sales. Let us support our local entrepreneurs!

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Some stories have the power to trigger a change in our lives. Sharing those that inspired me over years.


Words have the power to make or break someone. A good word, a kind thought, a mindful phrase, goodwill messages that make us ponder or smile goes a long way. What we tell ourselves when we feel low matters…