Dasavadhani is a word in Indian literature that signifies someone who can multi-task 10 different things at varying degrees of high complexity at the same time. Usually during the harvest festival in India (typically this week), Avadhanis will be invited to showcase their skills on various TV channels.

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Feng shui solutions

Few years back when we were going through health issues, a friend suggested some Feng shui corrections and it helped! After that my belief in simple changes in our surroundings triggering larger changes in our lives seems to be making sense!

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Music for the soul

All of us have some song that touches our soul! We feel a connection somewhere deep within… sharing one such song that sets many of us on a different plane! It is a Kannada (Indian language) song shared with lyrics!

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Planets Jupiter and Saturn – Great conjunction

Time to look at the skies for a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Astronomers describe it as the great conjunction to describe meetings of the two biggest worlds in our solar system, mighty Jupiter and ringed Saturn.

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Pots and pans and Astrology

During the past few weeks if any of you have faced issues of burnt food or burnt pots and pans, then you might find this pattern interesting!

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Perspectives about who wrote the first number

When kids ask questions like these, it becomes an interesting journey to answer them. Answers involve our culture, knowledge, practices, history and processing all threads to come up with a concise answer that captures their attention!

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Rangoli (Kolam) and its importance

Those who grew up in India would know about this art form. Beautiful patterns made on the floor using rice flour. Mesmerizing work – especially during chilly mornings!

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Seasonal festivities in India – Navaratri and Durga Puja

While it is baking, Halloween and Thankgiving in this side of the world, how do Indians celebrate Fall season? Our cultures line up a series of festive occasions to induce a happy mindset, making sure we are focusing on happy thoughts and happy moments. How does that happen?

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Praying Mantis – a good luck charm

When you have a garden, you get used to seeing a variety of insects. Sometimes seeing specific birds and insects seem to convey a specific meaning across cultures. Found it interesting to see a praying mantis and started learning more about it. Sharing what I realized in the process!

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What are people chanting or praying globally?

While most of the world right now is looking at exponential graphs about COVID-19 and Coronavirus, one thing that stands out common in most households is that everyone everywhere is praying to sending out positive thoughts to others to help heal! Was interested in understanding what they actually chanting or praying or listening to, and collated all of them in a single place! This seems to be powerhouse of positive energy generation across the world!

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Blood pressure control – Home remedies

Keeping our blood pressure under control is tough for many, especially given these testing times. Sharing some home remedies that I learned while growing up and that have worked over generations!

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People change people

During a dining table conversation, the topic comes up about who would be there when we need help? I was reminded of a story that I heard while growing up. Sharing what I learned and how I got to adopt it in life!

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Universe or Multiverse

It is interesting to see some concepts easily understood and explained by our ancestors through Puranas. We might not have grasped the concept so easily. However, when children watch these on TV shows and talk about similar concepts, it was tough for me to digest. Sharing some such strange coincidences!

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Tesla, Chladni and Yantras

“If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla”. This statement piqued my curiosity and I started looking at whether it was actually possible to scientifically exhibit a connection.. was amazed at what I found!

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Energy centers across the world

When we visit places known for their scenic beauty, huge landscapes, beautiful rivers, glaciers, mountains and volcanoes, we return with a sense of satisfaction and peace! The scenaries and landscapes make us feel one with nature and we feel re-energized. I felt a quiet kind of peace when I visited Yellowstone and Sedona and wondered how it compared to the places of worship… I got curious and tried to understand more about it. Sharing what I learned in the process..!

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How can I live longer?

A million-dollar question that all of us would have thought about at least once in life! Although thoughts about it used to come, there never was a clear answer ever. However, one of the lectures by someone knowledgeable about Vedas and Puranas seemed to hint an answer. It was an interesting perspective and not about the environment or lifestyle, and it made me wonder about our existence and the purpose behind it. Sharing what I learned thus far…

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Gods, Nature and Culture

While reading the world history text books with my children, realize the similarities that exist across ancient cultures. Egyptians, Romans, Indians, Chinese, Greek had something common identified in them. Sharing what I have learned thus far..!

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Native American Arrowhead and Indian Vel

Few years back, had the opportunity to visit Grand Canyon and Four corners. It was nice to see the unique place where four states meet in United States. There are native american stalls selling unique goods over there. It was interesting to see how some of their artifacts had a significant resemblance to Indian culture.

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Skin diseases, Stress and books

Few years back, one of my family members had a persistent rash that slowly had developed into scars on their skin. What started on the palm started spreading to hands, arms and shoulders! We visited the Urgent care, physician normal visit and then after a month, were sent to the Dermatologist. Learned something invaluable over there!

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Greeted by a flock of yellow birds

Once I was in a very unique kind of meeting with people of a different mindset (was trying to learn something very different from what I was used to learning ). There was some apprehension that was still in me.. and I could not place my finger on what or why I was feeling so! Then, something interesting happened!

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Rangoli – An art of decorating

Rangoli is an art form, prevalent in India, in which patterns are created on the floor or ground using rice flour, flowers/flower petals, colored sand etc. It is usually made during festivals or during December-January timeframe. The bigger and beautiful the artwork, the more the pride and credit to the artists.

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Face can hint your health

It is true that looking at one’s face, we can generally get a hint about their health. Some of the organs and systems in the body are connected to parts of the face!

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Eye health in children

In today’s digital world, we are fine with children (even babies) watching our mobile devices frequently. It is an easier distraction to ensure they sit in one place for a longer duration sufficient enough for the caretaker to sometimes even do mundane things like visit the bathroom, get a cup of coffee/tea, prepare the next meal, take a phone call or anything.

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Gayathri Manthra

As mentioned in my previous posts about Mudras and Learning from a Swan, I started reading about different Gods and linkage to animals. Was astonished to see the linkages between Gayathri Manthra, our veins in our human body and swans.

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Learning from a Swan

I was reminded of the Ugly duckling story, who grows up to be a beautiful swan one day! Beyond that, I have not thought about swans and they did not capture my interest in any specific way!

Recently, I was listening to someone speaking on a youtube video and made a reference to a swan.

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Does the Master appear when the student is ready?

The famous quote when stated in Kung-fu panda movie, made me think.. does the Master really appear when the student is ready? Has it ever happened to me before? If yes, when and how many times..? Set my mind to think. I started counting the number of activities I tried to learn and from where and whom I received the guidance and support. It was interesting.

Sharing what I realized thus far…

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Learning from Eagles

I received this article below few years back from my facebook friends, and something about it impressed me. The painful aspect of transformation from within was explained so beautifully. I am a firm believer of “One cannot change unless the desire comes from within”. It made me think if this kind of change and tranformation is actually possible.

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Keeping your back straight is the key

We all know about how human evolution happened. Looking at these pictures makes us think how our spinal cords have straightened during evolution.

Human evolution stages. Evolutionary process and gradual development visualization from monkey or primate to businessman dressed in suit carrying briefcase. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration

Look at the way the neck is bending to look at our handheld devices.

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Music and Ragas

I have realized that music is something that touches our soul. Whatever be our mood, music can bring us back to a good state of mind. I have that music can cure diseases, but was surprised to see that some of the raagas (tunes) when played right has a huge impact in our physical and mental health.

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