Earth day wishes

Two years back I wrote about my Earth day wish..

I wished that we mark old trees for protection and research possibilities! Last year, I started learning more about the environment and soil quality awareness. Little did I realize, our Environmental protection & Forestry sectors of the government already identify, classify and preserve these old and heritage trees!

In a discussion with a friend, the topic of Earth day came up, and I shared the article I wrote two years back. Interesting, she was into the environment and working towards reducing food waste. She liked the article and shared the research that is in place in the country, wherein, old trees are marked, photographed, with details about their height, width, breadth, quality, circumference and lot more information and made available to view on google maps.

One can view all the nearby trees in any given area, and look to visit them. It was a pleasant surprise to see the number of trees that are old and heritage trees near my own residence 🙂 Looking to visit these trees near me, willing to let things come to me at its own pace! It was tremendously inspirational to see the extent of work that is put in by the department of forestry and environmental protection.

One of the ways trees are classified is by age & size. National Champion tree, Champion tree

A Champion tree is one that qualifies to be the largest of its species according to a standard formula. The formula is a point system based on trunk circumference, height and crown spread. To be eligible, trees must be native or naturalized to the United States.

Anyone who is interested in knowing more about our National Champion trees (Yes… it is a classification to identify the oldest & biggest tree in the nation), you can read more about them at

It may be time we all picked one area about our mother Earth that we cherish and look to learn or nourish /preserve in whatever capacity we can! Just do something that is in our capacity, that fits into our daily routine, and sustain the efforts for a period of time.

One common resource we all share around the world is our Mother Earth!

Happy Earth day wishes to all of you!

What would YOU prioritize to address in YOUR community? Take the poll below and see how others feel about common environmental issues.

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