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Gardening is a physically exhausting activity, especially if you mow your own lawn and also plan to grow veggies and fruits in your yard. Simple gadgets help us greatly! Sharing some of the gardening gadgets I found interesting and useful! And some I would want to try – just for the fun 🙂

Sharing them with the links for those interested in more details

  1. Pulling out weeds: Found this to be interesting as this is a No bend weed puller, that helps pull it out with the roots. Good reviews on the product as well! Useful for prepping the yard and throughout the season!
  2. Indoor drip irrigation system: Water indoor plants for up to 30 days. Simple DIY project that can be easily setup for indoor plants
  3. Motion sensor Hooting owl: This motion sensor owl moves and lights up to scare away critters
  4. Honeycomb Bee keeping system: Setup your own beehive in your yard. Need to pre-order!
  5. Electric Leaf mulcher: Useful, ergonomic and reduces exhausting work! Wish someone can come and get this done as well 🙂
  6. Handheld Rakes: Useful

While looking for these, I found some Apps (Yes.. mobile apps for gardening :)).. WOW.. Sharing some of the interesting ones that caught my attention…!

  1. PlantSnap: Seems to be an online free app, that can be downloaded and used to identify plants of all kinds across the world. Just take a picture of the plant and within seconds the app tells you what it is!
  2. SmartPlant: Not only plant identification, this app also gives a Digital Care Calendar that will remind you what your plant needs and when 🙂 The premium membership version helps identify pests as well. Recommended for those new to gardening and aspire to have a Green Thumb 🙂
  3. Garden Plan Pro: This one helps us plan and design our garden with herbs, vegetables and fruits on our mobiles. Designing your garden has never been that easy! Recommended for those who are interested in setting up a foodscape / designing your yard!
  4. MySoil: This app helps check the soil in your area and suggests the veggies or fruits and plants that can grow well in it. Recommended for those who have recently moved into a new place and are looking for inputs on what to plant / grow.
  5. Flower checker app: This app uses real botanists and helps identify flowers, seeds, lichens, plant health etc. It is a paid service, but reliable and claim to have 90% success rate in identifying the plant species. Now, for Lichens on trees, this seems to be a perfect solution! Recommended for those who are looking to identify plants in their yard or those who have lichens and need to know the health of the trees!

Interesting to see Apps taking over our backyard as well 🙂

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