Smart farms

When I wrote about the technology innovations like Bee BOTS, I wondered if these AI and Robotics sensors were only for Bees and whether they can or are being used to monitor the patterns of other animals. Felt like I had opened a Pandora box (Internet of things). Sharing what I have learned thus far..!

“Two million smart farms, 36 million smart cows by the year 2024”

Enterprise IOT Insights has published not just a vision, but has the strategy and embarking on driving it across the globe.

Smart farms means there are sensors on every farm animal monitoring their health condition, activity, heat sensors, etc etc. Let us see a few of them below.
These are some of the sensors placed on cows

Body temperature / heat measurement caught my attention and tried to find out what do they do with the data?
Apparently, Thermal Heat Indicator (THI) levels are linked to stress

Using satellite connectivity to track cattle, involving cloud, big data, drones, RFID, sensors, internet, mobile apps.. WOW 🙂
Agrotech concept showing a herd of dairy cows in a field with farmer accessing selected cows data and statistics wirelessly on a smartphone app. The app also covers dairy sensors to check the quality of the milk.
Even chickens wear gadgets like Apple watches and fitbits to monitor their health and activity levels.
India is not far behind… thousands of cows have already been fitted with sensors and the targets are only rising!
It was interesting to see age old home remedies still being in place in some of the smart farms as well 🙂

We are truly living in an age surrounded by technology and innovations. If someone is actually raising and spending money to do that, I feel there would be a subset of the population who would be consumers, not necessarily farmers (this market is growing across the globe) benefiting from these innovations.

Felt satisfied learning and realizing that technology does not discriminate 🙂 Benefits leveraged by humans are now being extended in the veterinary and botanical field as well!

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