Short story – God grants one boon

One of the stories from childhood remains fresh in my mind. It is about a middle-aged woman and how she expresses her wish to God.

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Local newspapers provide coverage to Alumni initiatives

Alumni initiatives start getting noticed by local media!

Our enthusiasm to reconnect as Alumni and spark a change were noticed by the local media & newspapers in Tirupati. Sharing few excerpts from articles published to support of our efforts. It is the dream of every teacher to see their students prosper and come back a full circle to appreciate the teachers & the […]

Local newspapers provide coverage to SPMVV Alumni initiatives — Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam

Reminded of a quote

N. R. Narayana Murthy: Nobody is bothered about an institution more than  its... | QuoteTab

Happy to be contributing to the university development as an Alumni!

Storage technology over years

All of us use many different types of storage devices over years to store our personal photos, articles, movies, emails and important records. Interesting to see how these technologies have changed over years.

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Caring for our teeth – Dental care

Dental hygiene and brushing teeth are a critical part of our health. However, it is interesting to observe the extent of importance we seem to attribute to it across different cultures.

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Growing up in a printing press

My mother used to run a printing press, and I had the opportunity to grow up observing her overcome her challenges on many fronts and learned from the experiences!

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Smile – Secret to success

Sometimes our face expresses what our mind is thinking and not what we intend to feel 🙂 Being at peace with ourselves and our surroundings naturally brings a smile on our face. When someone tells you to smile more, it fundamentally means you are getting a feedback that you are going through stressful times and it is reflecting on your face.

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Short story – value of a coin

An old couple used to live in a village. They had a son who was not interested in studies, nor working. While his mother always supported him in his efforts, his father was always apprehensive about his son’s ways and wanted him to change.

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