Short story – Miracle

It is very hard to believe in miracles, until you get to experience it yourself! Such experiences are unique and yet occur in our day to day lives. Reading or hearing about some of them fee;s immensely satisfying!

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Learning about Narayaneeyam

A beautiful composition of Lord Mahavishnu in his various incarnations, the image comes to mind of Guruvayoorappan πŸ™With a power to heal, this literary composition has an interesting story behind why and how it was written.

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Financial freedom – A woman’s perspective

Very powerful words, and having an opinion about it matters! What would you define as financial freedom for yourself?

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Shivaratri – Sahasra lingam

Sahasra means thousand in Sanskrit. Sahasra lingam means one thousand Shiva lingams built into one main Shiva lingam πŸ™πŸ»

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One verse and its meaning over years

Whenever I wanted to please someone else, it was always an effort to understand what would please them first, learn about it, and then do it meticulously. It was interesting to see the same concept being explained in a verse. My understanding has evolved over years.

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Vaikunta Ekadashi 2022

Beautiful celebrations for the past month in Bhooloka Vaikuntam (Sri Rangam). Interesting to see the custom of dolls being used to depict the celebrations during the month.

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Short story – How does destiny work?

Once Krishna and Arjuna had visited a village and were taking morning walks in the nearby fields. One day they saw an old man finding it hard to make ends meet. In the spur of the moment, Arjuna decided to give him some money.

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