School prayer song – Humko mann ki shakti dena

Schools have prayer songs where every morning all the school students, teachers and administration assemble and sing these prayer songs! Translating one of them that still resonates decades after I finished school!

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How do you handle adversity?

Adversity is a state of hardship, difficulty, or misfortune that one deals with in life. The way we handle adversity in our lives says a lot about us.

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Maha Periyava explains what is Trikarana Suddhi

Sage of Kanchipuram (Maha Periyava) once explained what is Trikarana Suddhi to a few students. Sharing the story & experience!

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Experiences with job search sites

Anyone who has ever tried to apply for a job and registered on the job-search sites would know the pain that comes with it. Some of these seem to be common across the world.

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Age and attitude

It is always interesting to see how people across age groups deal with day to day challenges and figure out a way to move forward. Sharing some of my interactions that inspired me in the past few weeks!

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Small changes

There is a difference between knowing something and doing it. Over the course of life, we learn and come to know many things. However, when it comes to implementation – do we remember all of them? Or at least some of them when we need to?

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Short story – God grants one boon

One of the stories from childhood remains fresh in my mind. It is about a middle-aged woman and how she expresses her wish to God.

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Sending children to college

As students step into college, mothers go through a million emotions! There is a fine balance between holding on and letting go, and finding that sweet spot becomes a constant struggle and adventure!

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Combatting seeds of doubt

During conversations, some have the tendency to sow seeds of doubt! How it takes shape over the subsequent days and weeks is left to the individuals involved in the conversations!

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Caring for our teeth – Dental care

Dental hygiene and brushing teeth are a critical part of our health. However, it is interesting to observe the extent of importance we seem to attribute to it across different cultures.

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Growing up in a printing press

My mother used to run a printing press, and I had the opportunity to grow up observing her overcome her challenges on many fronts and learned from the experiences!

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