Calm before the storm feeling

There are days when one feels life is in a production support mode! Lot of calls, anxiety, stress, tests, deadlines and deliverables.. it goes on! There are other days when life seems to be a standstill, leaving the feeling of a calm before the storm..! Sensing that of late!

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Houses and charts in astrology

While we would have heard of astrology and birth charts, every birth chart can be divided into sub-charts that can help analyze the depths of certain aspects of life!

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Pots and pans and Astrology

During the past few weeks if any of you have faced issues of burnt food or burnt pots and pans, then you might find this pattern interesting!

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Avatar, Elements and Astrology

It was interesting to see the way the Avatar character (Avatar – the Last Airbender) has been portrayed in the animated series. The four elements and their connection to human personalities and astrology was a beautiful connect!

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