Pots and pans and Astrology

During the past few weeks if any of you have faced issues of burnt food or burnt pots and pans, then you might find this pattern interesting!

When one tends to multi-task in the kitchen, there is a tendency for the food to get burnt. However, if that pattern seems to be occurring frequently during a period, or if it seen to occur in many households, then there might be a larger trend in play.

I used to link pots and pans burning to my multi-tasking skills. Yes.. it is true that it can lead to absent-mindedness as well 🙂 However, was reading an article on astrology and found it interesting to note the same.

Avatar and the elements of nature talk about Fire, Water, Air and Earth elements. Those who are aware of astrology know which houses they belong to.. and what planets are currently transiting through the same. When I watched the Avatar movie, I thought I will wait till the period of another solar eclipse to see if the Fire element was on the high and the watery signs lose its power during the eclipse and the days leading to it. There is a solar eclipse expected on December 14th, 2020.

The Fire element seems to be on the high. Lightning strikes, food getting burnt, pots and pans getting burnt, electrical issues etc seem to be on the high. Those relating to the Fire elements (Sun sign, Moon sign or Ascendant) seem to face a lot more of these than those relating to other signs.

So, do the folks in watery signs lose their power / energy? Levels of sadness, anxiety, gloom, helplessness seems to be in the air.

Please leave a comment if you have had an opportunity to witness any of these over the past few weeks.

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