Timeframe between Solar & Lunar eclipse

Tonight is the Lunar eclipse (May 15-16), seen mostly across Americas, Europe and Africa.

Some call is Super moon, some call it Super flower moon, Blood moon… the moon is the closest to the earth making the eclipse clearly visible in these geographies.

Lunar eclipses are times for great transformation. As the moon is involved, all emotions related to the moon – like emotions, feelings, rational/irrational thoughts and turbulence will be high.

Calming the mind down will be needed in all spheres of life.

Recently, we had a solar eclipse on April 30, 2022, and now a Lunar eclipse on May 15-16, 2022. The timeframe in between eclipses is great for personal transformation.

During the past two weeks, have you noticed the increase in the number of meditation workshops, yoga workshops, spiritual lectures, spiritual teachers touring the world and sharing their knowledge across all cultures and beliefs?

Jupiter and Venus are housed in Pisces focusing on providing learning opportunities to all who are interested in pursuing the spiritual path. They are known as the Teachers (Gurus) of the world. When they come together, learning is immense.

Those who are interested in learning, understanding, pursuing, observing the spiritual path/journey will get immense opportunities through their friends and families and social circles to events happening online and in their neighborhood. Attend any of them, it calms the mind at this juncture (especially during the eclipse). Mind starts to figure out answers and gain clarity very easily, aiding in us going through our own personal transformation easily.

If you are unable to attend any of sermons, lectures or participate in any workshops, spend a minute in thinking about the Guiding force within you. Pray or chant any name, listen to any song that calms your mind. Helps a great deal.

If you are targeting any specific personal transformation during this timeframe, put your thoughts, efforts and actions towards the same during this period, you will receive positive results.

Whether we choose to transform, or life puts us through challenging times forcing us to transform, calming our mind helps us deal with it and adapt better in life.

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