Some days are emotional

Some days are normal, some days are eventful and some days – especially few of them are filled with a variety of news from multiple corners of your life and makes you emotional! While the past few weeks have been swinging left and right, today was tough to cross!

From someone getting a job, someone requesting for a job, and another applying for one and another getting rejected by one – what a day!

From one couple fighting, another losing their loved one, and another hospitalized because they were finding it hard to deal with the loss!

From one friend buying a home and closing, to another selling their home due to financial issues, roller coaster of emotions!

From one friend having a car accident, to another having a fire accident, to another having a shoulder injury!

Some days just go numb… there is no more feeling or emotion left in us! Mentally drained, not able to be the shoulder to lean on till we get ourselves re-energized.

When happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear – all of it come together, mind fails to comprehend beyond a point and gets into a state of panic, and anxiety sets in. Is the world closing in, or is everything fine.

Tomorrow will be better. What can I do? Eat, sleep and think of the next right thing to do. One step at a time. Remember to pray and realize that this too shall pass! I need to be fine before I can be there to listen to others, and/or help others!

What am I supposed to learn from today?

I cannot control everything that is happening around me. I need to retain my sanity to be able to be there for anyone else. I need to breathe, eat, sleep and quieten down. Tomorrow will be another day! Hope for a better one!

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