Slowly… we learn

All through our lives, slowly and steadily we learn…

We learn the subtle difference between holding someone’s hand and chaining them

We learn the difference between the power of love and that of family

We learn how little we need to live a happy life

We learn what makes us happy in the long run, while making us smile instantly

We learn to plant our own garden, than waiting for someone to shower us with flowers

We learn that we do have the strength within, we just don’t know when we would tap into it

We learn to realize that we are worthy of our own attention

We re-learn to prioritize ourselves slowly and steadily, while not considering ourselves selfish

We learn to live with the burned bridges and forgive ourselves for the same

We learn that those who see us at our worst and still choose to be our friends, are worth fighting for!

We learn through welcomes and good-byes, some are happy, while others are painful!

We learn to accept our success and failures with our head held high, without losing courage, with humility!

We learn to accept what we can change, and what we cannot and the difference between the two

We learn to gracefully let go, for ourselves and others!

While we learn through our mistakes and experiences, we learn to share… for others to learn from them as well!

We learn, and we continue to learn… as children, adults, parents and grandparents!

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