Age and attitude

It is always interesting to see how people across age groups deal with day to day challenges and figure out a way to move forward. Sharing some of my interactions that inspired me in the past few weeks!

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Sending children to college

As students step into college, mothers go through a million emotions! There is a fine balance between holding on and letting go, and finding that sweet spot becomes a constant struggle and adventure!

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Bonding over music

Each of us have a specific genre of music that we love, and we find solace in listening to it when we feel low! Took to extending this further with my family today!

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Some days are emotional

Some days are normal, some days are eventful and some days – especially few of them are filled with a variety of news from multiple corners of your life and makes you emotional! While the past few weeks have been swinging left and right, today was tough to cross!

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Dealing with grief

Grief seems to be felt and experienced by different people in different ways. Even when someone loses their loved ones, there seems to be a difference! Realizing it, made me realize a lot more about myself and how I process the same!

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