Twelve names of Sun

Surya (Sun God), our “Sun” in our solar system is known by twelve special names.

Learning these names and their inherent meaning

sunset view
  1. Mitra – One who is a Friend
  2. Ravi – Shining one
  3. Surya – One with the beautiful light
  4. Bhanu – One who is brilliant
  5. Khaga – One who moves in the sky
  6. Pushan – One who nourishes
  7. Hiranyagarbha – Golden centered one
  8. Mareechi – The Lord of Dawn
  9. Aditya – One who is the son of Aditi
  10. Savitr – The beneficent one
  11. Arka – One filled with energy, the essence
  12. Bhaskar – One who leads us to enlightenment

Reciting these names while performing Surya namaskara (Sun propitiation) is common practice.

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