Learning about Narayaneeyam

A beautiful composition of Lord Mahavishnu in his various incarnations, the image comes to mind of Guruvayoorappan 🙏With a power to heal, this literary composition has an interesting story behind why and how it was written.

Narayana Bhattathiri was born as second son in a Namboodiri family of Kerala. He mastered the Vedas as well as the art of literary composition, and married the daughter of Sri Achyutha Pisharodi and later became his devotee as well as student.

When his Guru (father-in-law) was suffering due to rheumatism, Narayana Bhattathiri prayed God and got the disease transferred to him. This disease was very severe in his case and he suffered a lot. He was advised to write about Lord Vishnu. Narayana Bhattathiri then went to Guruvayoor and started writing a summary of Bhagawatha.

He planned to write 100 chapters, one chapter per day.

From the third chapter of his work, he starts praying to God to cure him of his disease. By the end of his work, he was completely cured. Miraculously, completely cured.

The belief that when one reads Narayaneeyam with full devotion, their insufferable diseases get cured has been a common belief since the 1500s.

To those who believe, miracles happen all around them.

Krishna playing around Narayana Bhattathiri while he was writing Narayaneeyam

This picture is a beautiful depiction of the loving nature of Krishna. Those who believe, can feel the love, presence and warmth!


Benefits of reading Narayaneeyam

Reading any literary composition about God has its unique benefits.

In Narayaneeyam, chapters are known as Dasakams. One needs to read it sequentially and progress towards completing it.
2 Would be respected in heaven
12 Would get great positions
13 Would get wealth long life and fame
15 Would reach the lotus like feet of Vishnu
16 Would get long life , Committed sins would be destroyed
17 Dangers would be avoided
18 Would get victory, would be blessed with children
19 Would be blessed with detachment
22 Mind would not get attracted by bad actions
23 Would get rid of fear, sins would be destroyed
24 Would be blessed with detachment
25 Would be protected again dangers
26 Would get rid of sins , mind will be firm when dangers come
27. 28 Would be victorious in all jobs, would get great fame
30,31 Would get rid of all sins, would get salvation
32 All desires would be fulfilled
33 Devotion would increase
40 Devotion would increase
51 52 All wishes would be fulfilled
60 (1-3 stanza) Would get married quickly
69 Would get great devotion, ignorance would be wiped out
80 Sins would vanish, Gossip will not defame us
82 Would get victory in all jobs
83 All sins would vanish
85 Problems in life would vanish
87 Would get wealth, Would get detachment
88 Problems would get solved
89(Stanza 7-10) Would get salvation, problems would not occur
97 Would get detachment
100 Long life, happiness and health would result

Procedure to read

There is a set procedure to read this composition.

  1. Start by making a wish and commitment (Sankalpam)
  2. Read Vishnu Sahasranamam
  3. Then read the Dasakams (chapters) of Narayaneeyam, sequentially
  4. After every chapter recitation, offer naivedyam (fruits, raisins)

Naivedyam after reciting some specific chapters

  • Chapter 1 Panchamrutham is offered as Naivedhyam
  • Chapter 24-25 Panakam (Jaggery dissolved in water)
  • Chapter 27-28 Payasam
  • Chapter 30-31 Plantains
  • Chapter 34-35 Mixed rice (like Mint rice, lemon rice, coconut rice, tamarind rice, curd rice)
  • Chapter 37-39 Pal Payasam
  • Chapter 51 Naivedhyam served on a banana leaf
  • Chapter 78-79 Rava Kesari
  • Chapter 87 Poha with a piece of jaggery
  • Chapter 100 Sundal (Sauteed channa)

When you intend to read it, start reading it, you will coincidentally (read it as miraculously) connect with others who are reading it or listening to it through other forums, you will get a message with the pictures above, you will interact with someone to whom you will mention about the beauty of Narayaneeyam and that they should listen to it to benefit from the same. It happens every single time.

There is a wealth of knowledge in our literary compositions that has the power to heal.

If you intend to read it or have read it, or reading it, do leave a comment!

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