Short story – Peaceful place

While we were on a college tour, we got an opportunity to meet a few students from different majors. One conversation stands fresh in my mind.

There is a certain sense of fear that is connected to a cemetery. Not sure whether it is because of the way movies portray the afterlife, or the strange incidents that are portrayed on television. Somehow, I have had a fear of cemeteries or having any conversation about it.

During one of the college tours, got to meet a student who offered to give a tour and explain a set of majors and student career choices. Everyone liked him and we continued to chat with him after the group left.

We asked where do students go to relax and what do they do? This question usually got us an inside-view of the students general mindset, safety-factor and typical go-to-joints that students preferred.

We were shocked to hear him say that when they wanted to relax, the students went to the cemetery that was close by. Was there not a better place? Were they weird? We ended up asking why do they prefer it over other places? The answer surprised us…

He said “Cemeteries are quiet places where we go and sit down to relax. We go in groups and each of us pick a place and sit down. We find beauty and peace in the cemetery. We watch the moss growing around. It has a calming effect. The perfect place to watch the surroundings, enjoy the sunset, observe the greenery and relax”.

The students were studying environmental science, and obviously love nature and see nature everywhere around them. They are tree-huggers, nature-lovers and filled with kindness.

From that day onwards, every time I drive by a cemetery, I am reminded of that student, our conversation and end up smiling to myself. Yes.. instantly my mind does calm down.

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    1. Yes… I thought so too! However, was surprised to hear their perspectives and how they see the world around, and what they find it peaceful!

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