Power to heal

Healing as a concept has many believers and non-believers. I was once a non-believer as well.

During one of my trips, I had a splitting headache and was frequently sleeping. I was not able to constantly participate in conversations. My relatives who were visiting to attend a function at home, saw me sleeping through the same. I just could not bear the headache.

After the ceremony was over, and towards evening, I woke up and entered the living room. Only one of my relatives was still in conversation with my mother. I was happy to meet him after many years. He enquired why I slept through the ceremony and I told him about my headache.

He immediately took out a bit of vibhooti and applied it on my forehead whispering something. I could not hear what he was saying. I asked him if he carried it along with him always. He smiled sarcastically and nodded that he always carried some with him. We continued our conversation and after some time he left. That was probably the last time I met him before he passed away (few years later).

When he passed away, I was reminded of the times I spent with him, his favorite things, his mannerisms and what aspects were unique about him. I remembered the last time we met and the vibhooti he had applied. I realized, I never got those headaches EVER again after that.

What was the vibhooti he had? Was it from a special place? Maybe a famous temple? Someone had shared it with him after a special ritual? No. It was the same vibhooti from the puja he performed at home. Every single day. The cumulative power of sincere prayers over years.

I realized something quite powerful in those moments. Our prayers, our own prayers, when done with sincerity have the power to heal. We hold the power to heal ourselves. We hold the power to share our prayers and healing powers with those around us. We just need to be sincere about it.

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When we wish someone well, and share our prayers, and offerings from our prayers with those whom we wish well, good things happen to them. We become the healers in their lives.

While some learn healing as a technique and cleanse their thoughts of impurities, cleanse their chakras to become channels of the Divine source, every human being has the power to be a healer, a well wisher, by just sharing positive thoughts, vibes and including others in their sincere prayers.

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