Narrow roads of life

Have you ever traversed a narrow road? How about a narrow road in life?

While traversing a narrow road, we put all our focus on ensuring we are able to pass through it carefully and safely. Our focus and concentration is completely on the tricky narrow road that we need to traverse. Our minds create the space for us to just focus on the road ahead and remove all distractions.

Sometimes in life, we face similar challenges where we feel like we are passing through a narrow road. There seems to be only one path ahead, no alternatives. And the road might be a rough terrain, making us losing hope frequently. The thought of whether we can make it through and whether life will be different (better) after we cross the same might be a constant thought.

Anyone who has been through a health issue, lack of mobility, loss of a loved one, loss of a job and any other major life event would very easily relate to it! These are the times that are the hardest, leaving us in a space where we just have to take the leap of faith. Yes, leap of faith. That is the key during these times. Our faith from within gives us the confidence and hope to keep moving forward, without doubting ourselves and slowly and steadily making it through.

In Jewish culture, there is a phrase called “Gesher Tzar Me’od“. This means a very narrow bridge. It is taken from a well-known song based on the words of Rebbe Nachman of Breslow. The narrow bridge represents the scary, unknown path ahead of you in your life. The rest of the song encourages you to have no fear at all.

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Essence of the song is that We must try to take our first step onto our narrow bridge – whatever that may be. We must always move forward if we want to conquer our fears. Just the action of taking a single step may be enough to change things for you.

Reflect on a time when you did take the leap of faith? What happened and what did you learn about yourself and others? How did it help you grow? Every single person will have an answer to this that shares their story and who they turned out to be because they chose to traverse through the narrow road (or bridge).

So, if you are going through one, know that you are not alone, know that this is not the last time you will be traversing one, and take the leap of faith and be brave to write your own story!

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