Meeting spiritual teachers

Interesting opportunity to meet two spiritual teachers this week.

When we keep and open mind and be willing to listen, there are many opportunities that knock and doors open! Interestingly, got the opportunity to meet two spiritual teachers this week!

One of my friend invited me home as there is a spiritual teacher visiting us locally. She was hosting a small get together for a group of close friends, and I made some tomato soup from my end! Surprisingly, none of us took any pictures of the kirtans, food, discussions or any part..! I did take a personal picture with the teacher herself – in an effort to show my family!

Conversations were very light hearted and I enjoyed the company of everyone around! It was a different & new experience and somehow there was a connection felt!

We went into deeper discussions about scriptures, lifestyle, life choices and overall health!

Hope to meet the teacher and her group during a formal session sometime!

Second one, I had become a Healer few years back. Today, received an invite from my healing teacher for a close-knit workshop with one of the spiritual teachers this Saturday! I am looking forward to this!

When we send out positivity, universe sends it abundantly back to us!

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Feeling thankful!

Looking forward to sharing the learnings from these interactions soon!


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  1. Glad to know that you are a healer. The world needs more people like you who bring in and spread a lot of positivity👍

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