Colors and their healing properties

The basic colors of the rainbow also have healing properties. The colors we choose to wear, the colors we paint our rooms seem to not only convey our personality, they also can help us establish balance in our mind and body. Same is true with foods as well. It was interesting to correlate the same.

Color is nothing but light, which in turn is radiant energy impacted from every atom – the source being the Sun! All colors we perceive in our solar system originate from the sun rays. Every color has a different wavelength, frequency and vibration.

We can influence our health and happiness by choosing appropriate colors our clothing and surroundings at home and at work. Observing the colors in the environment and the emotions they trigger, foods we eat and their health benefits helps! They seem to have a pattern!

Red color

Red color is stimulating and related to our blood. It stimulates the formation of red blood cells and improves circulation. It helps maintain color in the skin and gives energy to nerve tissue and bone marrow. When our palms turn pale, rub your palms together to trigger blood circulation. Low blood circulation or anemia typically have symptoms of low levels of redness seen in palms and nails (seen as paleness, lack of color in cheeks or face etc). Pink has a gentler effect and can be conducive to lethargy in some individuals. Pomegranates, red chillies, red peppers, beetroot, tomatoes are good examples of fruits / veggies in this genre.

Orange color

Like red, orange is warming and has a healing energy. While it is a stimulating color that energizes the reproductive organs, it helps spiritual seekers with renunciation and transforming this energy towards the divine. Orange color has antibacterial properties and hinders the growth of bacteria. Helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, boosts immune system and encourages pH balance in the body. Oranges, Carrots, Papaya, Pumpkins are good examples of fruits and veggies in this genre.

Yellow color

Yellow color promotes understanding and intelligence and helps raise the energy to the crown chakra towards spiritual realization. Sun rooms are typically painted yellow and lounging in them gives us a sense of joy. Yellow is a decongestant that helps to relieve kapha congestion. They are filled with essential minerals and vitamins and have the power to make us feel happy and full of joy. Over exposure to yellow causes excess bile and liver related issues. Bananas, mangoes and yellow squash are good examples of fruits / veggies in this genre.

Green color

Green color has a calming effect on the mind and body and creates a feeling of freshness. This is why many of us love to garden and watch greenery to calm our minds. Yoga classes and surroundings are typically conducted in places surrounded by greenery. While soothing emotions, it makes us feel happy, helps heal ulcers. Useful in removing toxins from our body as well. Fresh greens like spinach, watercress, mint, arugula, coriander leaves, and salads are a welcome addition to any diet. Other eatables like green peppers, kiwi, asparagus, broccoli have their own benefits.

Blue color

Blue is a cooling color that relieves aggression. It has a calming effect on the body and mind and helps to correct liver disorders. Over exposure may cause congestion. For those who work in very stressful jobs, switching on a blue night light in your room helps calm your nerves and increase the quality of sleep. Foods like Blueberries, eggplant, grapes and plums fall in this category. While consuming these on a weekly basis helps, too much of it is not advised.

Purple color

Being the color of cosmic consciousness, it brings an awakening of awareness. It creates lightness in the body and helps to open the doors of perception. Studies have shown that purple foods may benefit brain health, help to lower inflammation, and fight cancer and heart disease. Blackberries, purple cabbage, acai berries seem to be beneficial in this category.

Be it the color of paint, home decor, foods we eat, clothes we wear, greenery and flowers around us, observe them and their effects on your personal health! Making changes in these has an impact on our mind, body and soul.

Colors seem to trigger a simple lifestyle change to help heal our mind, body and soul!

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