Fingers and Chakra connection

In the previous post about Health in our Hands, I would have discussed about how the different body organs are connected to different parts of the palm and how massaging your palms helps heal some of the distressed organs / small ailments. I was intrigued when my colleague spoke about a technique used by Japanese.

This Japanese technique takes it to the next level, by connecting it to the Healing Chakras in our body. Knowing these, gives us the ability to predict health conditions / emotional state based on the injuries / shape / damages / accessories on each of them.

Palm, Fingers and emotional state

I started connecting it to Mudras and breathing techniques. My father in law used to ask us to lie down and rest when our little finger was paining. This relates to the Heart.. seems to make sense. My daughter used to feel comfortable when I massage her thumb..! That too makes sense! Pain in the base of the middle thumb indicates depression / stress or issues with central nervous system. That too connects! Yes.. this seemed to make sense!

Those who play tennis, drums or anything with a stick held in palms usually have a scabs on their palms. This impact their heat-cold balance in their body and their intestines! They might tend to take a longer time in the bathroom 🙂

It is interesting that the simple healing techniques were auto-created with our bodies.. it is up to us to learn about them and benefit from the same!

Let us look at how it connects to the overall Chakras of the body in the next post!

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