I always used to hear from super-stressed people that meditation helps 🙂 As a kid I used to think, why get super-stressed out and why meditate!

I used to hear about these meditation workshops at or near office, where they ask your mind to focus on nothing! No thoughts just focusing on blankness! Nothingness! And that would clear up your mind.

Being a person used to checklists and to-do-lists earlier in life, I found it easier to write down the list of things to do and keep a running list of the same. Once it is off my head onto a notepad or paper, my mind trusts the process and it is no longer in my head (or RAM – as in technical computer terminology).

I never believed nor ventured into the process of learning how to meditate. When a Reiki workshop came near town and my friend suggested it, I decided to try it out and enrolled for the meditation workshop in it as well! That session was an eye-opener on multiple levels!

Sharing what I learned about how to meditate and trust me – this works wonders! Try and share how you feel 🙂

Sit in a peaceful place – on the ground or on a chair with your feet touching the ground (Both work)

Put your palms on your knees – open upward or touching the tip of your index finger with your thumb in each hand (Both work)

Now close your eyes and lift your right hand and touch your heart

Your mind has a job in this process – It needs to remind you to smile, and every time it reminds you to smile – it checks if your smile is a bit wider than before 🙂

Start your 5-10 minute clock for meditation

Process is – Hand touches your heart, Mind reminds you to smile wider and your face listens to it and smiles wider feeling the joy 🙂

It is as simple as that 🙂 Your breathing gets to be normal, you feel happy, peaceful, joyful and connected at the end of 10 minutes 🙂

Not my picture – took it from google search

When I attended the paid workshop, we did this for about 30 minutes and my teacher was telling me that my smile is not wider yet (I felt my jaws were hurting as I was smiling that widely). He finally asked me to look at my face on my phone and when I did, I realized that while I felt I was smiling (moreso grinning), my lips had only moved an inch 🙂 I realized the extent of change I had to undergo!

On my way back I called up my family and mentioned about it… their response – You do not listen to us, but needed to pay money to someone else for them to tell you to smile 🙂 Somehow, this cracked me up and then, there was no looking back..! For first-timers, do take the help of your family and circle to get through your initial block! When you continue doing this, you will experience many positive changes in your attitude and life..!

Happy meditating 🙂

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