Greeted by a flock of yellow birds

Once I was in a very unique kind of meeting with people of a different mindset (was trying to learn something very different from what I was used to learning ). There was some apprehension that was still in me.. and I could not place my finger on what or why I was feeling so! Then, something interesting happened!

I look out my window next to me and saw about a hundred small yellow breasted birds fly in and perch themselves on the small branches, on different trees around, on the yard, stair case, bushes – practically everywhere! It was a sight to see them chirp and slowly fly from one tree to another all together. I did not know what to make of it… but enjoyed the sight 🙂 Something I can never forget!

When I was thinking about it later, I was reminded of the Dragonfly movie (Kevin Costner one)! The dragonfly in the movie was all along trying to pass on a message. Just like it, were the birds passing on any message or trying to communicate with me… I needed to read more about it to know better!

Sharing what I learned thus far…

Birds do have a spiritual meaning and become our spiritual guide and send us messages. In fact many birds, animals and insects are considered as spiritual animals and have a clear way of communicating to respond to our subconscious questions. One gets to realize it when they stop processing information and see and observe things around them – basically open up to admire the wonderful universe! Those who are Healers or have had their Chakras opened get connected pretty quickly! So, what did I learn…

  1. Birds symbolize joy and happiness in one’s life
  2. When a person is on a spiritual path or awakening to their journey, birds will appear, perch on and near your home and chirp expressing joy and happiness 🙂

Yes.. I had attended my first session to become a Healer and this was my sign from the universe that I was on the right path 🙂

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