Ignorance is bliss

There comes a point in life when we think do we know what we wanted to have time in life to read, learn, understand and practice! When I was transitioning through that phase of life, I realized I knew stuff about work, and folks at work knew me. Pretty much – that summed up my life! For anyone working in a Corporate multinational organization in the IT space, that would mean – life was work and work was life! Everything was always about multitasking and while I started getting good at it and mastered it, Life had its own way to get me back on track! This blog series of mine is to share what I have come to learn, enjoy and appreciate from life!

Those moments made me realize that Ignorance is bliss.. as I had the scope to learn new things without having a bias for anything else, nor did I need to unlearn as much. Anything that I was interested in, I started getting a good feeling about going forward with the idea, reading books and forming perspectives. Life started becoming more interesting than when I was ‘doing’ stuff than ‘learning’. Awareness levels increased and the universe had its own way of shaping and molding me from where I was to where I needed to be. I tend to ‘live in the moment’ these days (just like student life). My stories and experiences are mine to share. If they inspire anyone else to ‘seize the moment’, it is an added bonus!

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