One thousand articles

Yes.. today I am writing my 1000th article on learningthursdays blog 🙂

Every experience in life teaches us something. I truly believe that learning from each others experiences helps us grow more holistically. I started writing this blog to share my experiences with my children, focusing on what I would want them to know about life, universe, and the abundance of opportunities in it – especially when we approach it with an open mind. Little did I know that it would become something I held onto during trying times (COVID).

I have asked them to read any three posts across the blog when they feel low, to feel better and to look at opportunities around them from a different perspective! Little did I realize, I would end up becoming a voracious reader in the process! Every day, I look to learn something new, realize something and share!

The first post I wrote was Ignorance is bliss and I felt I could learn just about anything as I felt I was starting on a clean slate! I now realize Knowledge is Power! Knowledge has the power to build bridges & connections in ways that ignorance cannot!

It feels great to say my mother has read ALL of my articles on my blog and shares her perspectives with me one-on-one! She has never commented on the blog thus far! It feels nice write something that she enjoys reading – every day! She likes my perspective on various topics it seems 🙂 Thank you ma 🙂

I used to force my brothers to read my articles till my hundredth post… after that it was a bit too much to ask, they continue to read and like/comment on the ones that they find interesting! My uncle who reads the articles and shares what he likes the most with his circle – Thank you 🙂 My family read my articles and we have a discussion about some of them! Their interests evolved from art, technology, culture to leadership and life skills and so did my interests and the blog evolve with them.

When we approach life with an open mind, opportunities are plenty. We just need to learn to tap into them and be willing to adapt and evolve.

When my friend told me she loved this article and prompted me to write more along these lines sharing my experiences, I felt what I was writing was not just for my children and family, there was an audience forming naturally!

For my friends in the spiritual journey, this article resonated with them the most, sparking an interesting conversation offline!

It used to give me a lot of joy when a friend of mine (now a school teacher) used to share the articles with her students!

There are sooo many friends in the blogging circle who have encouraged me at various points of time! Sowmya, Padmaja, Phil, Diana, Richa, Veena, Shirobanryu, GraceoftheSun, Pooja, Renard, KK, Sheri, Sivajyoti, Cherie and many others.. thank you for your constant encouragement! I learn from all of you every day! Thank you!

The best articles are those that I have written for someone else! They get recommended and automatically read by people (thanks to google recommendations). The most researched articles are the ones that people come back to read even after 1-2 years of posting them! An audience automatically gets created for the genre!

When I felt low one day, I received a google recommendation for an article and I read it 🙂 It was from my own blog and what I had written a year back was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

Humbled and filled with gratitude, I continue.

Thank you for reading and for the constant encouragement!

It is hard to fail, but worse to have never tried – Abraham Lincoln

2 thoughts on “One thousand articles

  1. Shanthy,
    We are learning from your posts and you every day 😊🙏🏻.
    Your posts always sprinkle hope, joy and optimism in our lives. They are so varied in topics, scope – technology, life, astrology, home remedy, leadership, spirituality – and written in such succinct and interesting manner that we are always looking forward to what you may share tomorrow.
    Please keep writing and share your thoughts and experiences. Many congrats on 1000 posts! Amazing milestone! Hope you cross many more such milestones in the future.
    Roy 🙏🏻

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