Meeting old colleagues

Walking down the memory lane, especially with old colleagues has its own charm!

After working together for decades and meeting them after long has its own charm 🙂

Thinking about old times

Realizing you have grown up together

Walked many miles and crossed milestones with each other!

Remembering their names, their faces and their work styles

The breakthrough projects and global calls

The way you connected during those days

The long nights of production support or proposal reviews

The breakfast meetings and late night dinners

Talking about the most critical decisions to make

In whatever roles we play

Of the million conversations, one thing remains

Who inspires us to push ourselves every single day?

To stretch our boundaries and expand our horizons

We realize slowly and steadily that

Good, bad and hard lessons were there to stay

Got an opportunity today

To share my gratitude with those whom I got to learn

And work, and accomplish a common set of dreams

Making it memorable every single day

Cherish those moments, the people and the environment

as reliving those memories, charge us up in many ways!

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