Friends and their lives

We go through this every day!

One friend stopped responding to messages

Another friend needs to undergo surgery

Yet another is caring for parents & inlaws

Yet another is spreading herself too thin to find herself

This one experienced a loss recently, and is waiting to open up to the right person

The other one is exhilarated about a recent accolade

The one who lives around the corner is a creative artist, but life pulls her back

Another sees dance as a way to express herself

The one next door enjoys parenting her children and drives them around everywhere

The one near school is struggling with her child’s issues at school

Yet another is an empty-nester, having lots of time to spare

While another needs help & support system to get past the day!

Every single one of us have all the above friends or relationships in our circle. How we choose to help them and support them is up to us! When we care for one another, we are sure to have people around us wishing us well.

We may not be able to be there for every one of them every day! One person a week, once a month, a nice smile, a kind word, just a simple “How are you?” or “How is your day?” would suffice. Wait to listen to their response. It goes a long way towards de-stressing & unwinding – albeit for a few minutes!

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