Home improvement projects over years

If you own a home, you will know that it is just not the monthly mortgage or EMI payments that suffice to maintain the household. There are additional hidden costs… sharing some of them that I have experienced over years.

Let us see a few types of home improvement projects that we might need to plan for, over time

Frequent ANNUAL needs

Setting up your home cleaning routine (or scheduling an external service), lawn mowing, yard maintenance, maintenance of bathroom fixtures, electric appliances, chimney cleaning, air duct & vent cleaning, changing air filters, gutter cleaning, sprinklers, garbage disposal & recycling processes are some of the basic routines that get scheduled.

1-5 years old

Whether you purchased a new home, or have lived in one for over 5 years, some projects start appearing in the horizon. Projects like painting the home, adding fixtures of choice, changing electric panels and switch holders, revisiting interior decor that matches your taste (as it evolves), setting up a garden (multiple iterations), fencing home or yard, power washing exterior walls, adding or upgrading a bathroom, changing faucets, changing home appliances to your taste & convenience are some of the few improvements that you would undertake. Furnishing the home would turn out to be the biggest expense (if the home does not need any fundamental changes).

6-10 years

It might be time to paint the indoors & outdoors, check on insulation for windows and doors and replace them as needed. Check on water heater and air conditioner. Bathroom leaks and damages to floor and walls might need fixing. Garage doors might need to be checked for motor, parts and re-painting. Kitchen cabinets might need an upgrade. Annual AC tune up helps prevent a major failure. Get your home inspected again, helps identify and prevent long term damages. Refinishing and/or redecorating basement. Power-washing and grouting driveways, Re-purposing rooms, change of decor, furniture changes, tree trimming or related services maybe needed.

11-20+ years

Might need to check on the health of your roof, flooring, tree services, kitchen upgrade, countertops change, home sidings change, deck re-do, plumbing changes, replace major appliances, revisit lawn maintenance needs, re-finance or take home equity loans for future needs.

While home warranty services help for regular maintenance work, long term projects and needs might need preventive maintenance & long term planning.

If you own a home, check how old is the home and look around your house with a fresh perspective. Make a note of all the changes you see, as they might need time, effort & funds with proper planning to get done.

For home improvement projects, a stitch in time saves nine for sure!

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