Earth day

A day to consciously think about Earth, soil, preservation, sustainability and what we are leaving behind for our next generation.

Soil quality seems to be depleting at an alarming rate. For the past few years, the citrus levels in Florida oranges seem to have been decreasing and it triggered a series of research, analysis and realization that the quality level of the soil seems to be depleting.

The nutrients available in 1 orange 60 years back, seem to be needing 8 oranges to provide the same level of nutrients. Imagine what our children and grandchildren would need to be consuming to live a healthy life.

All of us have a role to play.

Understand the issue, why it is occurring and how is it impacting health and lives. Creating awareness is the first step to triggering any change.

Taking a minute to understand this picture helps us realize the extent of the issue. In places where the colors are green, there is thin or no soil in those places. Dark red zones are dry or desert soil. Population reduces in places where soil quality reduces – as food items need to be imported and cannot be locally produced. Migration to other places or countries increases local population in those areas. Job opportunities, places to live, food availability, cost of living would all be impacted in these areas. It is just not about soil alone, it is about our lives, our culture, and most importantly, the quality of nutrients we leave in the available soil to sustain the health levels of our next-generations.

Sadhguru has initiated a global campaign. Read about it at –

So, what can we do today.. in and around us… I will start with including compost and manure in the soil to increase soil quality in my yard. What about you?

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