Hydroponics and the future

Few years back I heard the term Hydroponics for the first time when there was an event at the local school showcasing the latest trends in gardening. Was an interesting concept! A year later, my mother sent me a video link to show how farming was done vertically. Amazing concept!

Now plants are grown here with water (instead of soil) and LED lighting instead of sunlight..! Interesting!

When I thought of the possibilities of how this could actually change the way we do farming and how the food production for global cities can be supported in the upcoming decades, my thoughts went towards how this can be done outdoors to support architecture of buildings and skyscrapers (yeah.. somehow I do seem to be fascinated by beautifully architected buildings).

So, this is what I learned thus far.. it was nice to know there are bright minds thinking along these lines at least a decade ahead of me 🙂

1. Desert Solar: This is a project where solar panels have been setup across Sahara desert. The energy from this can support 25% of our needs
2. Sahara project: This is a project where Solar panels are being used for renewable energy, sea water is being used for hydroponic farming.
3. Hydroponic gardening: Mass scale tents like these are setup across the desert
4. Urban Skyfarm: Buildings are being architecture to accomodate hydroponic farming
5. BOTs in play: Yes… Robotics and AI has taken over this field as well!
6. Farm BOTS harvesting spinach 🙂

I realize it is up to us to choose how we do something to make a long lasting positive impact on the world. First step is to dream of something…! Yes.. that would be a good start.. 🙂

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