Bees – University research, Robotics and Apps

In the previous post about Learning from bees, we looked at what is the current challenge we are facing and what can we do to save the species.

It made me think, are the universities doing anything about it? What does the current digital age and Robotics/AI organizations doing about this challenge.

There continue to be many research projects across universities and some apps and AI projects that have come into play. Sharing some of them that I got to access and learn about. If you know of any others, please feel free to share in the comments section!

2. BEETag: Provides insights into bees movements through periodic high speed videos
3. Harvard Robobee: Drones that emulate the way bees move around

While there are apps for understanding bee routes for food and pollination, RFID chips and trackers put on bees, drones to emulate their travel patterns and increasing their habitat, bees antennae simulation etc, did not find any apps or research to support the declining bees themselves.

Idea for Entrepreneurs: If someone were to research on how bees can sense the pesticides and not ingest it – it would be a great breakthrough in the field!

It felt nice to see some of the countries ban the pesticides that kill bees. That seemed to be a move towards sustainibility in the right direction!

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