Repeating a name

Does sound have a healing effect? What happens when we keep repeating a name or word multiple times?

When I heard the old folk tale about what people do to have a tree die a natural death, it made me think. The tale goes like this.. a group of people go to a forest and choose a tree that needs to be removed. The community stands around the tree and say hateful things about the tree and the tree slowly wilts away. They do not need to cut it or uproot it, just saying bad and hurtful things around it suffices.

How many of us do this all the time – without even realizing it. We complain and say hurtful things to each other, scold and shout often. Sometimes, it even feels like it is a natural human tendency, however, hearing this effect made me think about what else I have seen in my life that resonate with something similar.

Have seen people call each other a “Loser” or show the letter L, and while they were doing that – they were not winning on multiple fronts. Careers of those who choose the words “dumb” or “dumbo” for their passwords, compared to those who choose “genius” or variations of it, has had a significant impact 🙂 The list continues… Retaining positivity in our daily words and thoughts seem to have a positive effect.

I realized that this is what we try to do when we pray as well. We repeat (or chant) God’s name multiple times, the more the number of Gods or Angels – the more the types of chanting and even more are the number of positive experiences that one can experience. Words and sound has such a significant effect on our psyche.

Was reminded of the saying the name is more powerful than the person.. while it stands true for Rama (Indian God), when we think about it – it does stand true for any person whom we know as well. The thought of them (triggered by the name) attributes a tone in our mind and the positivity or negativity spins off from there in our minds!

Try chanting or repeating any God’s name or Angel’s name for a week and see / feel the difference 🙂

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