Learning from Bees

Bees are a critical part of our eco system. Bees are pollinators that are vital to our food chain. Close to 1/3rd of our food will not be available without bees. So, does that mean humans will die if bees dont survive? Yes.

If bees do not have food, they will die. In turn, we will have less food as plants will have less pollinators (Every single flower has to be pollinated by bees or similar pollinators for it to bear fruits / vegetables). When I learned about the declining bees population, I wanted to understand more about the topic and what I could do to help! Sharing what I found thus far…

Main reasons for declining bee population is

  1. Industrial agriculture
  2. Pesticides/pathogens
  3. Bee-killing pesticides
  4. Destruction of bee habitats
  5. Urbanization
  6. Climate change

Now, what can we do to help…

  1. Grow fruits, vegetables and flowers in our homes in pots or in our yards. Bees will find us and come to pollinate from the nearby zones
  2. Let them expand its habitat. Do not use bee-killing pesticides. Better still, try to grow organic. Helps us and the environment.
  3. If the bee-problem becomes challenging, call folks from your nearby beehive, they can help remove and place the beehive elsewhere safely.
  4. Even in urban and global cities, multi-storied buildings have places for potted plants. Make sure you grow potted plants, roof-top gardens, sunrooms in urban cities.
  5. As global cities expand, try to have foodscapes, community gardens, sunrooms built into the decor of the urban city, across the city and in individual buildings nurturing sustainability into the DNA of the global cities.
  6. Grow wild flowers in your yard

If one member of every household chooses to grow 1 fruit and 1 vegetable as a community from their homes in their yards / decks, it goes a long way to revive the population.

Will look at the innovations from the rest of the world on this topic in my next post!

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