Rooftop gardens

While researching about what can be done to revive bee population, came across very many cities and city-builders, architects considering the option of building rooftop gardens across bigger cities. Cities being now called as Big cities, will become global cities attracting twice to ten times the population from suburbs in the next ten years (Courtesy: Internation Management session at Wharton)

Pictures are google-searchable and I do not own them. However, they seem to be portraying a story.

Barcelona rooftop garden
Bosco Verticale in Milan, Italy wikipedia
San Fracisco rooftop garden
Urban rooftop gardening in general, showing how it can be done in multi-storied buildings
London rooftop garden
Rooftop garden at Rockefeller center
Organic farm on an elementary school rooftop in China
Shanghai builds rooftop garden to cool down buildings

Felt nice seeing these views of the changing urban front. The change towards sustainability has started, but we are not there yet. Every single one of us can have a role to play!

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