Singapore – Aero farming or Hydroponics

For the past few weeks, have been reading up about Aero farming and Hydroponics. Being a foodie, while doing a project on special foods at Singapore, got to see that Singapore imports more than 90% of its vegetables. Only about 8% of the vegetables and eggs seem to be locally produced. Got me thinking..

How would it be if Singapore adopted vertical farming and hydroponics? Had anyone thought about it? So, started looking around.. Yes.. thinking along the same lines much ahead of me were some of the startups who had started hydroponics and vertical farming in Singapore.

Aquaponics farms in Singapore have started couple of years back

One day workshops on Hydroponics are conducted all over Singapore

Vertical farming is slowly becoming a reality across Singapore

Compared the data against trading economics.. was right!
The vertical startups since 2015-2016 timeframe seem to have started paying off.
The chart represents food import % compared overall merchandise import of Singapore.

What measures can be taken to set this up on scale..? Setting a long term vision would be key.. do they have one? Yes. Read article

“Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030, up from less than 10%”

SPARK proposes vertical farming hybrids to support aging population as well

Any isolated initative cannot run for long – unless it is blended into the DNA of the place.. seems to be true even for vertical farming – blending it with social causes to help the aging population and other similar initiatives might be the way out.. will wait to see!

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