Reducing carbon footprint on Earth

One of the articles on World Economic forum on the reducing the carbon footprint triggered a thought.

There are organizations who are thinking about reducing our carbon footprint on earth. As an individual, what can I do to help?

  1. All of us have the habit of creating multiple email ids over a period of time. If we stop using any email id, download / forward select emails to another current email id and drop the account. It does save a LOT of space.
  2. For email accounts we use, consciously spend an hour and DELETE all unread email – especially ones that have been unread for more than a year – trust me, you and I will never have the time to go and open those email notifications or sale details from macys, kohls or other stores. If there was an automatic delete by google / yahoo to detect all store / retail promotional emails and auto delete after a year utmost, it does save LOT of space.
  3. We are not born photographers, we never get our first picture perfectly right! We end up taking multiple shots and all of them get stored. Sitting and sorting through photographs is a HUGE time consuming activity and no one EVER seems to get time to sit and take a look at all the pictures at leisure (if at all once or twice for any photo album creation or a get together max).

Now, for entrepreneurs good at software solutions, if there was an automatic way to give the user the option on their phones to accumulate all the hazy, shaky and unclear pictures into a review and delete folder, it would be easy for the users to setup an auto delete once a week/month and get away with saving LOT of space.

If world wide organizations can collect data, process information, pay people to do the research and share such findings that folks living in a country can potentially reduce one thank you email, we can look at ourselves and put in a 10-15 minutes of effort to reducing our carbon footprint in whatever way we can.

What are your ideas to reduce our carbon footprint on earth? What would you do?

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