Japa malas

I have heard my family recite God’s name in multiples of 108 using a beaded necklace (rosary). The beads can be made of Rudraksha, stone, wood. The japamala is activated by the Guru who during Diksha recommends the pupil to do the japa (recital) during a specific time of the day. What to recite, propitiating which God, what time, how many times per day, how many days etc varies based on the underlying purpose for which the pupil will be reciting.

I realized recently that there is a concept of Japamala, that in the initial stages of starting the japa, one has to hold the beads inside a japamala bag and recite. One needs to put their hand inside the bag, hold the rosary and recite moving one bead at a time for reciting God’s name every time. Those who have progressed to the next level, or have completed the initial required number of days and are continuing as a habit can do the japa without the bag.

I started looking around for Japamala bags and found these to be interesting!

Interestingly, you can find these on amazon, etsy as well.

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