Garland making

When I visit temples, I notice the beauty with which the garlands are made for Gods! My father-in-law was the first one to notice the way a rose garland was made and commented on it.. after that I am not able to miss the detail when I look at garlands. I committed myself to learn the technique. Sharing what I have learned thus far..

  1. Rose petal garland

This is what started it all..! This is garland that is made with not full flowers but with flower petals. Each petal of a rose is folded, 6-8 such folded petals are arranged to form a circle with their centers overlapping, where they string it together, one layer after another. For decoration, layering with golden ribbons (varied patterns) and beaded with kunjalam (garland bunch at the bottom) can be made of a full bunch of a well beaded set of roses, with beads adorning their steps before they are tied together with the garland!

2. Simple garland

This is the most simplest version of garland.

Step 1: Cut all the stems away and organize your flowers into big and small groups

Step 2: We will use only flowers of a single color to make these garlands. Select 40 flowers big ones, and about 6-8 flowers medium or 10-15 small ones

Step 3: This garland needs a needle and long thread, long enough to hold about 50-60 flowers and have space to tie it at the top. Cut the string / thread and needle it (Using a big needle helps)

Step 4: In the final product, all flowers must be facing up. So, split 20 flowers for each side and the small / medium flowers for the bunch at the bottom

Step 5: Pierce the needle from the center of the top of the flower to come out from the stem side, this way all flowers face up with you lift and see the garland. Now gather all the 20 flowers on one side into the string following the same process

Step 6: Now to make the bunch. For this the small/medium flowers need to be grouped together. Easiest technique is to string the thread through all the stems at the same length. Use about 10-15 small flowers or 6-8 medium flowers to make the bunch at the bottom.

Step 7: Pierce the needle from the center of the bottom side of the flower (where you would have cut off the stem). Now gather all the 20 flowers on the second side in a similar manner.

Step 8: Compact (pull them closer to each other) the flowers on the string on both sides to remain close. This will ensure the garland remains fresh for a longer period of time (sometimes even 7-10 days).

Step 9: Tie the top ends of the remaining string together to look like a garland

For those who would want to try, wish you good luck and enjoy the experience 🙂

More varieties of garlands next week!

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