Mysore pak story

I saw a documentary on Netflix about foods from different places and how Kings in old days used to select their chefs and master chefs to cook a variety of food for them!

The foodie in me got interested! It seems the cooks or chefs who start off are asked to cut vegetables (of course.. thats the tough part anyday), then they progress to make entrees using the given process, then they progress next to cook appetizers, the well progressed ones are then allowed to step into dessert zone 🙂 Sweet making (delicacies) were the most difficult to make and the quality of delicacy determines the quality of the chef!

One day when the cook made Mysore pak, it was well liked by the King and he was made the master chef in the palace kitchen. It is supposed to a very tough dish to make (to get it right obviously). I ventured into making it when my friend shared the recipe!

Outcome: Not just me, my family ended up helping me, our shoulders and arms were tired for a few hours afterwards (I could not hold my coffee cup for long) but the taste was awesome! Thank my friend from Virginia (sorry.. cannot disclose her name).


  1. 1 cup gram flour (Besan)
  2. 2 cups sugar
  3. 2 cups ghee (or 1 cup ghee and 1 cup vegetable oil)
  4. 1 cup water

Step 1: Sieve the gram flour (Besan) well to ensure it is smooth and then dry roast it in a wok or large pan. Mix a spoon of hot oil in it and ensure there are no lumps (this is to ensure it does not absorb more oil)

Step 2: Pour the 2 cups of sugar in a wok and pour the water to soak the sugar. On mediu heat, let the sugar melt and bubbles start coming up. Wait for 2 minutes after the bubbles start coming up and then add the roasted gram flour from step 1 into it slowly, while constantly continuing to mix. Using a whisk helps ensure there are no lumps

Step 3: Heat the Ghee/oil on low flame and when hot add it slowly (use a tablespoon or ladel) to the mixture in step 2. Remember to continue to cook on medium heat, while whisking the mixture. You will notice the texture slowly starting to change (this took about 10-15 minutes for us – felt like eternity though!). You will notice the ghee/oil separating out from the mixture and then texture becomes silky/stretchy (if you use more ghee) or honeycomb like (if you use more oil).

Then switch off the stove and pour it on a greased sheet / pie pan or shallow plate. Use a spatula to spread it evenly and let it sit for 2 minutes before you take a butter knife and cut out the shapes.

Taste – Tasted very good and it got over in a day 🙂

My learning:

  1. Use a spatula to level it
  2. Dry roast the flour in medium heat while constantly mixing
  3. Dont boil the sugar so much that the water evaporates and sugar crystallizes again.. just 1-2 mins after it starts bubbling is good to add the flour in
  4. Dont mix oil and ghee and make it – just use ghee or oil.. it is easier to get the right consistency
  5. Although it tasted nice, If I am looking to have that King employ me.. I might need to try it a few times more to perfect the recipe!

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