Croquembouche – French & Indian versions

Have you ever tried a choux pastry.. in simple terms cream puff (thats the best way to describe it!). The outer layer is a puffed baked shell and hollow inside. One can fill it with cream cheese, whipped cream, chocolate, jelly, dessert mixture, mixed fruits and nuts soaked in caramelized sugar, ice cream, and even savory fillings.. you get the gist. Basically, anything that can stay in a semi-solid/gel type consistency or that can be frozen to retain its consistency.

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Mysore pak story

I saw a documentary on Netflix about foods from different places and how Kings in old days used to select their chefs and master chefs to cook a variety of food for them!

The foodie in me got interested! It seems the cooks or chefs who start off are asked to cut vegetables (of course.. thats the tough part anyday), then they progress to make entrees using the given process, then they progress next to cook appetizers, the well progressed ones are then allowed to step into dessert zone 🙂 Sweet making (delicacies) were the most difficult to make and the quality of delicacy determines the quality of the chef!

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