Sand – Look closely

Lovely sandy beaches… some of us have had the privilege to grow up near one! This is what we would have seen…

This is what we look at…
… and then we see this….
… our next thought would be trying to make one of these…
Extreme close-up of the sand grains. Galapagos islands.
When the grains of sand are put under a microscope.. this is how they look like.. 🙂
This is at 300x magnification… 🙂

When we hold sand in our hands and let it slip, we do not realize that they look like this… so precious.. so beautiful…

Did you know: Sand from different parts of the world when seen under a microscope looks different. Have you tried collecting sand from different places and putting them under a microscope? What did you see?

Share your findings.. would be great to learn!

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