Hydrogen water – What is it?

While studying Chemistry in school, we learn about water molecules and that water is made of 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen.

H2 + O = H2O

We all know water is very beneficial to health. Drinking water is known to be a good therapy for many health conditions. Hydrogen is available in plenty in the atmosphere. However, when it combines with Oxygen, their combined properties make water possible. Water is also known as the source of life on earth.

Then, what is this new Hydrogen water that has been gaining traction. The topic interested me and I started reading about it. The extra hydrogen in our body seems to be extremely benefiicial to help cure many complex health conditions. Being a gas, it is easily adminstered through saline, baths, sprays for plants, bottled water, diet and can break the blood-brain barrier to improve conditions involving the brain. I felt it was an amazing find and started reading more. Sharing what I gathered thus far

  • Reduce metabolism issues
  • Reducing muscle fatigue
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Reduces bad LDL and cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  • Helps prevent chronic inflammation

Some studies also continue to find benefits in the following areas to help improve Periodontal aging, Parkinson’s disease, Suppression of colon inflammation, Intenstinal benefits and many more

Biological effects of extra hydrogen on various organ systems

As Hydrogen an penetrate the blood-brain barrier through gaseous diffusion, extensive studies have and are being performed on it. Research continues on the other areas. Results of some small scale clinical trials have been published by organizations (refer links below). The results seem to be showing favorable effects.

An aspect that I found very interesting was, that thre is a dietary natural remedy for this. TURMERIC. Eating turmeric regularly increases our intestinal hydrogen naturally, whereby showing effects on the above mentioned organ systems.

While the research published talks about not sufficient data to prove the benefits, it does stipulate the means of consuming it to address effects on different organ systems and the safest means of consuming it for therapeutical benefits. National Institute of Health article published (link below) covers a broad spectrum. For those interested to continue the research, read the links below. For those, jumping to buy that Hydrogen water and drink it (yes that thought crossed my mind too :)), it is better to discuss the benefits with your physician first. Instead, try including turmeric in your diet and see the benefits.



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