Music and Ragas – Part 2

Continuing the post on music and ragas that help cure some of our health issues.

4. Raga Bhairavi – Reducing anxiety, pressures, skin diseases and allergies

5. Raga Charukesi – Rejuvenates the mind helping one to age gracefuly. It enlivens the singer and the listener

6. RagaHamsadhwani – It helps streamline the thought process and reduces panacea. It is also known as Sarvarogaharini (one that can relieve us from all diseases)

7. Raga Hemavati – Helps reduce joint pain and back pain

8. Raga Hindolam – Helps improve digestive power and cures stomach related problems

9. Raga Kapi – Helps sick patients get over their depression and amxiety. It is also known to help reduce absent-mindedness.

10. Raga Kedaram – Known to give energy and remove tension

Interesting to know these.. would like to link a few songs to each of these ragas so that it is easier to listen to those songs and reap the health benefits!

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