Music and Ragas

I have realized that music is something that touches our soul. Whatever be our mood, music can bring us back to a good state of mind. I have that music can cure diseases, but was surprised to see that some of the raagas (tunes) when played right has a huge impact in our physical and mental health.

Sharing some of my learnings in the past few weeks.

  1. Raaga Ahir Bhariav – Gives free relaxed feeling and mitigates dust allergies and skin diseases. It is known to be good for curing arthritic conditions
  2. Raaga Amrutavarshini – It is known to cure diseases related to body heat (ushna)
  3. Raaga Anandabhairavi – It is iknown to supress stomach pain in both men and women. It also helps control blood pressure and reduces problems with kidneys.

Will share a few more tomorrow!

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